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Everything you need to know about safety at Coree International School

Top Priority

At Coree International School, the safety of our students and the school community is a priority. We understand that a safe environment is fundamental to well-being and effective learning. Therefore, we are committed to maintaining our facilities as a protected and peaceful space for everyone.

Our security measures include:

> Facial Biometrics:

An advanced facial recognition system to ensure that only registered people can access the school.

> Security Cameras:

More than 150 surveillance cameras strategically positioned throughout the school, ensuring continuous monitoring.

> Overt Security Team:

Trained and dedicated professionals, available permanently to ensure everyone's safety.

> Safety Training:

Regular training programs for staff and students, ensuring preparation for different situations.

> LGPD - General Data Protection Law

We strictly comply with the LGPD, ensuring maximum protection of the personal data of our school community. The privacy and security of information are our priority.

> CIPA - Internal Accident Prevention Commission

Our CIPA, made up of 6 Coree team members, works proactively to prevent accidents and maintain a safe and healthy environment for everyone.

> Coree Emergency Brigade

With 20 trained firefighters, our Emergency Brigade is always ready to respond efficiently to any situation, ensuring the safety and well-being of the school community.

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