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Coree Approves More

On this page we celebrate the success of our students: from the results received from entrance exams and applications abroad, we have 100% approval! This achievement reflects Coree's quality in preparing students for global, borderless academic challenges. Each photo on this page tells a story of dedication and dreams come true! Our results reinforce our commitment to an education that opens paths for Brazil and the world.

[site] COREE_04__post 23MAR#1--COREE APROVA LAIS.webp
[site] COREE__COREE-aprova--EDUARDA-LISSI.webp
[site] COREE__COREE-aprova--GIOVANA-SANTANA.webp
[website] COREE__COREE-approves--NICOLE-CRISTINA-THIEME.webp
[site] COREE__COREE-aprova--VÍTOR-ROVARIS-2.webp
[site] COREE__COREE aprova__JOAQUIM VIEIRA.webp
[site] COREE__COREE-aprova--EDUARDO-SUESS.webp
[website] COREE__COREE-aprova--GIOVANNA-RISCALLI.webp
[website] COREE__COREE-aprova--PIETRO-GARCIA.webp
[website] COREE__COREE-approves--YASMIN-KRIEGER.webp
[site] COREE_04__post 23MAR#1--COREE APROVA LAIS.webp
[website] COREE__COREE-aprova--GABRIELA-CAMPOS.webp
[site] COREE__COREE-aprova--VÍTOR-ROVARIS-1.webp
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