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Find Your Path to College Success with Coree College Counseling

Are you in doubt about which college to choose or do you dream of studying abroad? Coree College Counseling is your first step towards a successful academic journey! We are here to turn your aspirations into reality. We offer personalized advice that covers everything from choosing a career to the university application process. Let's plan your bright future together!


Discover How We Can Support Your Academic Journey

At Coree International School, we understand that each student's educational journey is unique and full of opportunities and challenges. That's why Coree College Counseling was created: to guide, support and inspire students from Elementary School II on their path towards university success, both in Brazil and abroad. Our commitment goes beyond academic excellence; provides personalized guidance that covers career choice, the development of important life skills and preparation for university selection processes.


With a holistic and integrated approach, our pedagogical team works side by side with students from Grade 7 onwards, encouraging self-knowledge and the identification of their potential. Through innovative programs such as WorkExperience and the Life Project discipline, we offer young people the chance to explore their passions, connect them with meaningful professional choices and thus chart the path they want to follow.


Coree College Counseling is dedicated to guiding students through the complex application processes for national and international universities and preparing young people for the academic and personal challenges they will encounter along the way.


Our partnership with Daqui Pra Fora, which assists and guides us in relation to student documentation and PSAT and SAT simulations, reflects our commitment to the excellence and success of our students.

Exclusive Platform

Through a partnership with Daqui Pra Fora , an educational consultancy company that has been preparing students for university selection processes abroad since 2001, Coree College Counseling provides its Middle and Upper School students with SAT/PSAT simulations, as well as access to a resource-rich platform about top universities around the world. This collaboration is vital to prepare students for international academic challenges.


Click the button below and access an exclusive Daqui Pra Fora platform prepared for Coree International School students.

What Will You Find?

Sucess histories

Check out real testimonies from those who have already lived the transformative experience of Coree College Counseling, from preparation to gaining a place at international universities. Get inspired by their stories and start paving your own path to success.

Preparing you for
Brazil and the World

University Preparation Process

Since elementary school, Coree College Counseling has been dedicated to guiding students on their journey to higher education. Starting with self-knowledge programs in Grade 7 and moving on to practical experiences in the professional world with WorkExperience in Grade 9, our process is designed to illuminate students' path to university. In high school, the Life Project discipline complements this preparation, offering lectures and guidance on careers and university courses.

Academic and Professional Guidance

Our commitment is to the future of each student. Through personalized support, we guide our young people in career decisions and choosing a university course, considering their passions, skills and the global market. The partnership with Daqui Pra Fora expands our capabilities, offering specialized support for those who dream of an international education.

Application Support for Universities

We guide each step of the university application, from choosing the course to submitting documents. With special attention to Essays and applications, we ensure that students present their best versions to universities. Our team is always up to date on admission requirements, ensuring our students are prepared for any challenge.

Resources and Partnerships

Coree College Counseling is proud to highlight our strategic partnership with Daqui Pra Fora, a fundamental pillar in our commitment to educational excellence and preparation for global success. This unique collaboration not only makes it easier for our students to access SAT/PSAT exams, but also opens the doors to a unique portal designed specifically to meet the needs of our student community.

Common questions

How can Coree College Counseling help me choose the right college?

We offer personalized guidance based on your passions, skills and aspirations, as well as up-to-date information about universities around the world.


When should I start preparing for the college application process?

We recommend starting preparation from Elementary School II to explore interests and potential careers, but the process intensifies in High School.​


Does Coree College Counseling help with preparing for tests like the SAT?

Yes, in partnership with Daqui Pra Fora, we provide simulations and preparatory resources for standardized tests.


Still have doubts?

Whether it's about admissions processes, career choice or studying abroad, we're here to answer your questions. Fill out the form with your name, email, telephone number and your question. The Coree College Counseling team will get back to you with any guidance you need.

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