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Pedagogical Leadership

Meet our dedicated team of pedagogical managers. Under the inspiring leadership of Principal Liliane Constantini, our team is committed to providing a teaching environment that nurtures students' learning, personal development and academic success. Our Pedagogical Coordinators play a crucial role in guiding and supporting teachers, ensuring that pedagogical practices are aligned with the latest educational innovations. This exemplary team leads with passion and vision, driving our school forward in the ongoing pursuit of educational excellence.

School Psychology Sector

The School Psychology Sector at our institution is a fundamental pillar in supporting the integral development of our students, ranging from nursery to high school. Our team of psychologists is dedicated to promoting an educational environment that not only focuses on academics, but also on the emotional and social well-being of students. With a holistic approach, we work closely with teachers, parents and support professionals to provide our students with emotional support, academic guidance, improvement of social-emotional skills and strategies to deal with specific challenges at each stage of development.

Coree Raquel.webp

Prof. Raquel Cristina Wolter

School Psychologist

> Postgraduate degree in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

> 25 years of teaching experience in Early Childhood Education and early grades

> 4 years with School Psychology and 3 years with Children's Clinic

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