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Explore the Coree Sports Center's sports, offered as extracurricular activities for our students. On this page you will find a table with the available options, adapted for different ages and skill levels. Our goal is to promote physical and personal development, encouraging values such as teamwork and perseverance. Choose the sport that best aligns with your interests and schedule and join us on the sporting journey!



The art that is expressed through the delicacy, lightness and beauty of movement. We offer: Children's Ballet, Children's and Youth Dance Group.

Children's Ballet

From classic to contemporary, ballet is a dance that fascinates people due to the elegance of the dancers and the dazzling costumes that draw attention to the glamor they represent. Children, especially, are enchanted by the fantasy universe that dance evokes, and this enchantment makes little ones interested in children's ballet. Ballet exercises fundamentally work on posture and body awareness, developing children's motor skills and cognitive. The association between physical movements and music develops rhythm in children, helping to develop memory and sensory awareness. It is a playful, fun and dynamic class to awaken a love for dancing in children. In these classes, Classical Ballet will be introduced to children.

Coree Dance Groups

Fun is the word when we talk about Coree Dance Group classes. In these classes, we work on various rhythms and musical genres, mixing Ballet and Jazz techniques in a fun and intense way, working various muscle groups, with part of the class focused on stretching and flexibility exercises. Exercising the body in a light and fun way. The objective of this group is to take Coree's name through Dance to festivals and presentations in which Dance is the main element.



One of the most complete sports, it works all muscle groups and the cardiorespiratory system. We offer Children's Swimming from 4 years old, Youth and Adult Swimming and Swimming Performance Team.

Children's Swimming

In children's swimming classes, the main objectives are to work on the aquatic skills necessary for subsequent work on technical improvement in pure swimming and safety in the aquatic environment. In children's swimming, the four strokes are worked on globally, without focusing on techniques. Classes are developed in a playful way, in which playfulness is the main learning tool. The classes are made up of students between 4 and 6 years old.

Youth and Adult Swimming

In these classes, the 4 strokes are worked on with their respective starts and turns with a focus on technical improvement, respecting the individuality and learning level of each student. Classes are made up of students aged 7 and over.

Swim Training Team

For this activity, overcoming, focus, discipline, collective spirit and knowing that one can always do better and do it well are the key words for each training session and each competition. To participate in this modality, interested students undergo a technical assessment to verify the minimum criteria necessary to participate in the team.

The athletes on the Coree team are all federated in the FASC (Aquatic Federation of Santa Catarina) and participated in the competitions on the official calendar.



In the literal translation from Japanese, judo means “gentle path” or “path of gentleness”. Judo means discipline.

Judo is a martial art well known for working on principles such as respect and discipline. But its benefits go far beyond that. When started in childhood, the practice contributes to the development of balance, motor coordination and spatial awareness.

Judo is a martial art practiced as a sport, created by Jigoro Kano in 1882, which aims to develop self-defense techniques, strengthening the body, physique and mind in an integrated way. Discipline is one of the main characteristics worked on during classes.

Judo is included in the curriculum of our students from Kinder 3 to Kinder 5 and we also offer it in Extracurricular Activities.

Judo team

Strengthening all the principles taught in Judo classes, the Judo team also works on focus, determination, overcoming and the search for the best results in each training session and each competition. For the student to be part of the team, it is necessary to undergo an assessment by the responsible coach.

The Judo team is open to the community.



Basketball, or simply basketball, is a team sport created in the United States and played all over the world. Its name (basketball) is related to two of its main elements: the basket and the ball. Basketball is a very dynamic and intense sport. Its matches are played between two teams made up of five players each. During the game, the objective is to score a point or score a basket, preventing the other team from scoring points. Currently, basketball is one of the most popular Olympic games in the world.

We offer the modality in Extracurricular Activities, which is also open to the community from 11 years of age.



Volleyball is one of the best-known sports today. It is a competitive game between two teams divided by a network. The objective is to make the ball touch the ground in the opponent's area and prevent it from happening in your own area. Thus, this is a sport that aims to always leave the ball in the air, in flow.

We offer this modality in Extracurricular Activities for children aged 11 and over.



Futsal is a team sport, played on a court and each team has 5 players.

The main characteristic of futsal is the dynamism and speed greater than that observed in football on a grass field.

We offer this modality in Extracurricular Activities from 6 years of age onwards.


Creative Workshop

A creative workshop is an activity in which children produce something in the areas of cooking, gardening, art, among others. Students between 6 and 12 years old participate, they have the opportunity to develop their creativity in different areas of knowledge.


Recreational Workshop

For this activity we have a specific space, where children will have various recreational activities, such as games, painting, drawing and other attractions, supervised and directed by a professional.

This activity is offered in Extracurricular Activities for children between 6 and 12 years old.


Musical theater

Musical theater is a highly collaborative activity, it is a modality that mixes theater, music and dance. A show resulting from the synthesis of several arts: dramatic literature, lyrics, music, recitative part, voice, dance, among others. All these arts are unified in the libretto.

This activity is offered in Extracurricular Activities, for children aged 10 and over.


Theatrical Initiation

This activity provides a space for role-playing, an experience of creating characters and offers laboratories for theatrical games.

It contributes to the acquisition of language, develops autonomy, stimulates cognitive skills and observation, works on orality, playfulness and imagination, enabling the child to take their first steps towards acting.

This activity is offered in Extracurricular Activities for children aged 6 and over.



Chess is a board game and is also considered a sport. It is played between two players, using a board and 16 pieces, represented by pawns, rooks, knights, bishops, a king and a queen.

There are countless advantages to playing chess, but the most common are the development of logical-mathematical reasoning, attention and concentration, memory and creativity.

We offer this modality in Extracurricular Activities for children aged 7 and over.

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