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College Board

Coree International School is proud to be the only school in the state of Santa Catarina certified by the College Board, an American organization that sets a standard of excellence in education. This unique distinction underscores our commitment to providing our students with a world-class education, preparing them for success at universities both in Brazil and abroad.

With College Board certification, Coree International School is the official center for administering the SAT and AP (Advanced Placement) tests for both our students and any student in Brazil. These programs are recognized worldwide for their academic rigor and are highly valued by universities, especially in the United States.

The SAT and AP are standardized exams that assess students' readiness for higher education, earning them college credits and advantages in university admission.

As the only school in Santa Catarina with this certification, Coree International School stands out for providing its students with the tools and resources necessary to achieve academic excellence and professional success. Through our partnership with the College Board, we reinforce our commitment to an education that transcends borders, developing in students the skills, knowledge and competencies necessary to confidently navigate a globalized world.

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