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PTA - Parent Teacher Association of Coree International School

At Coree International School, we value collaboration between parents and educators as key to enriching our students' educational experience. We are proud to introduce our PTA - an active and dedicated partnership of parents and teachers who work together to support and continually improve our school.

Coree's PTA plays a vital role in fostering a strong school community by supporting educational initiatives, organizing events, and strengthening communication between the school and families. This group is made up of dedicated members who donate their time and efforts to make a positive difference in the lives of our students.

reunião de negócios

PTA members:

President: Fulano de Tal

Vice-President: Beltrano de Tal

Secretary: Sicrano de Tal

Treasurer: Beltrano de Tal

Members: So-and-so, Sicrano de Tal, Beltrano de Tal

We thank all PTA members for their commitment and enthusiasm in helping Coree International School achieve its educational and community goals.

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